Basic Carbide specializes in custom-made tungsten carbide preforms in both Cobalt and Nickel grades, including our special cobalt Wire EDM grade,
BC-12C. We can produce a wide range of sizes and shapes of tungsten carbide products to serve the needs of many industries, and we can manufacture almost any preform to meet your needs. Although our products are shipped as preforms, we do offer centerless grinding and limited surface grinding as a service to our customers (upon explicit request only - we subcontract these services, and do no grinding in-house). Even if we can not produce the item you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, as we may know where to find it or who can make it, and we will be happy to refer you if we can.

ISO 9001 Certified
Basic Carbide is now an ISO 9001 certified company (see our ISO 9001 Certificate). This is just the latest step in our effort and commitment to provide the highest quality product and best possible delivery through the continual improvement of our manufacturing processes. For more information, contact us at:


Large Preforms

Basic Carbide has the capability to produce preforms up to around 19 inches (48.26 cm) in diameter and up to around 24 inches (60.96 cm) in length. 
Please note that the exact limits depend on the configuration of the part to be produced.

High Quantities
Basic Carbide has the capability to produce high-quantity runs of certain types of parts at our press plant. The configuration and size of the part are the determining factors in whether a part is a candidate for mechanical pressing.  Please note that tooling charges may apply if we do not already have the appropriate tooling for the job.

Special Requests and Processing
Basic Carbide has the capability to perform special processing, such as installing soft plugs for tapping, cobalt-treating surfaces to facilitate brazing, special sintering for Wire E.D.M. processing, and sinter-H.I.P. processing.

Custom Grades
Basic Carbide has the capability to produce custom grades when needed, but please note that a minimum quantity or total weight will be required.  We also occasionally have small supplies of leftover custom grade lots.

In addition to these capabilities, Basic Carbide provides a fast turnaround for quotes and can provide rush turnaround of parts for emergency situations (we are still limited by the quality processes we must follow).   We also have the flexibility to work with our customers in order to better serve their needs.   For more information on any of our capabilities, please contact our Sales Department at: