Basic Carbide services
the Oilfield industry by
specializing in low and
high-volume part
production, prototype
work, large parts and complex shapes.

Our manufacturing and engineering systems
are designed to meet
the dynamic demands
of this industry.
Basic Carbide produces a wide variety of tooling blanks for the Automotive Industry from large die blanks to punch blanks to key cutter blanks.

Basic Carbide has developed a special proprietary Wire E.D.M. sintering process for stress-relief of large
die blanks, and a special grade BC-12C designed to better
withstand the stresses
of Wire E.D.M. machining.

In addition, Basic Carbide has sinter-H.I.P. capability at all of our plants for applications requiring it.
Basic Carbide has the capability of manufacturing parts in a wide range of sizes of parts and tooling for the mining industry, from small mining bits up
to large bars for rock crushing applications.
Basic produces a wide range of grades designed for wear applications and heavy-impact applications, and since these properties are inversely related, Basic Carbide works with customers to select the proper grade to maximize part performance.
Basic Carbide manufactures a wide variety of products in an even wider variety of configurations for many different industries and applications, including tube and pipe rolling, cutting, wear applications, seal rings, general tooling, and much more.

Basic has the capability of producing a wide range of sizes, from the very small to the very large, and can produce custom low-volume parts as well as high- volume parts.
Basic Carbide has the capability of producing
all types of can tooling for the Beverage and Aerosol industries, and has rapid turnaround capability to help minimize production down time.
Basic Carbide produces
a wide range of blanks for the housing industry, including roofing dies, tile cutters and brick mold tooling.

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